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Brand Partner Guide

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Are you a new Brand Partner? Have you been building a Young Living Brand Partnership and would like some guidance on how to grow to the next level? 

This guide gives you a Milestone-approach to setting and achieving goals for your Brand Partnership. In addition, we dive into complex topics like Social Media, Prospecting, Structuring Your Team, basic Compensation Overview, and more (see the topic list below!).

Erin Rodgers (RCD) and Paige Williams (CD) are crossline friends who have collaborated for years on resources, mentorships, team guidebooks, and worksheets to support their own teams -- but it's time for these resources to be shared with all of Young Living. 

This isn't just a book, it's a 108-page workbook. And it includes a link to dozens of printable worksheets to revisit. And zoom calls. And video trainings. And more!

Topics in the 108-page printed book include:

  • Why Young Living
  • The Big Picture
  • How We Get Paid 
  • Telling Simple Product Stories 
  • Ways to Share Product Stories
  • Navigating online (Getting to Know Your Virtual Office, Getting to Know the Downline Viewer, Adding Value through Reports)
  • Wishlists and Bundles 
  • How to Sell the Business (why you're selling the biz, working with potential brand partners, interview)
  • Customer Funnels (building an order, sample emails, suggested product lists, etc)
  • Social Media Deep Dive with content calendar
  • Working with People (Circles of Influence, Niche Marketing, Classes overview)
  • Brand Partner Workflows (how to spend your time, creating a workflow, daily method of operation, power hours)
  • Compensation & Structure (receiving commissions, calculating commissions, structuring your team)
  • and MORE. So. Much. MORE.

With your purchase:

  • 108 page spiral-bound guidebook
  • 33+ unique printable worksheets for you to download
  • 3 zooms in January/February 2023 (and access to the recordings ) -- all info to join is IN the book!
  • 24+ videos embedded in the guide to help you work through the content -- and more coming!

Plus -- are you a LEADER? Looking to lead 1, 5, or 500 people through the guide? Text LEADERWORKFLOW to the Oil Supply Store biz # 865-213-1150 for leaders specific content including zoom trainings and extra resources yet to come!