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Simple Uses

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Fully updated and redesigned Summer 2023 | You'll love this essential oils usage guide with hundreds of uses! Loaded with tons of usage tips, recipe ideas, and hands-on help -- this is the perfect flipbook for anyone wanting to learn more about essential oils.

This booklet is loaded with:

  • 28 pages LOADED with information!!!
  • 30 top oils are highlighted with in-depth, actual, helpful advice (I crowd-sourced my top 12 leaders for their usage tips and some were totally new to me!). Singles and blends are covered!
  • Highlighting other favorite YL oils & products (like all rollers and all KidScents oils)
  • DIY focus with a dozen+ recipes and suggestions on how to customize based on the actual oils your member has on hand

Perfect for new & returning members... and anyone who wants to refresh their oils usage. It's the ideal companion for the Simply Wellness book!

28 pages
full-color images and photography!
5"x8" booklet