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Loyalty Rewards Sheets

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  • $ 8.00
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These double-sided sheets (set on a tear pad base!) are perfect for helping your customers see the benefits of Loyalty Rewards. With the system clearly outlined PLUS lists of favorite items for them to consider on their next order, this will take all the guess work out of helping them join Loyalty! 

How to use:

  • Perfect for teaching a class, use this sheet as the framework for your next team training!
  • Drop one in the mail for a new member to help them see more of what Young Living has to offer!
  • Thanking a customer for their recent order? What better way to encourage (and inspire!) them than to send a thank you note paired with these beautiful sheets.
  • Laminate and display a sheet at your next vendor event! Or use them as a handout for those who want more information.

25 Tear Sheets are firmly attached to a cardstock back. 8.8"x11" size.

**updated Spring 2023 to remove prior “subscription” terminology and added the second order free diffuser perk!