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Brand Partner Mini

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Whether you are a new Brand Partner or a customer who would like more information on the financial opportunity Young Living offers, the Brand Partner Mini is the perfect resource at exploring the first step of the income potential.  Created by Erin Rodgers and Paige Williams, this twenty page introduction walks through:

  • First steps for launching your Brand Partnership (checklist included!)
  • How to earn your first $150
  • Clear explanation on how a Brand Partner gets paid
  • Tips on sharing effective product stories
  • How to Share YL
  • Social media pro-tips (the must-dos!)
  • Next Steps for growing a paycheck and filling an income gap

Include this booklet in your new Customer welcome gift, in a mailing for your current Customers, or share with a friend who would be amazing at the Brand Partnership. This is also the perfect compliment for a rank recognition gift or incentive you offer your team. Purchase a 10-pack (or more!) of booklets and get them into the hands of your potential and current Brand Partners.

💥 text MINIGUIDE to 865-213-1150 for more tips on how to use the Brand Partner Mini to grow your business.

Ready for MORE information on how to scale a $150 check into a consistent $600+/month check? Grab the Brand Partner Guide, your 100+ page workbook with printables, resource videos, ane more!

5"x8" booklet