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Field & Reference Guides

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((All versions are explained in detail below!)) These reference books are no longer being printed. These are final quantities. When sold out, they are GONE.


Formerly known as an "Essential Oils Pocket Reference" - this full color guide book is a MUST HAVE for every essential oil user!

This Field Reference is the most updated and comprehensive reference material about essential oils offered anywhere.  As the leader in essential oil education, this Field Reference provides decades of research on essential oils with the original protocols on how to use them.  It is the same trusted guide completely updated in a new format and bigger than ever!  In this case, more is more!!  Trust you and your family’s wellness with the Field Reference that is unsurpassed in its depth, authenticity, and quality. 

A brief overview of the chapters:

Chapter 1: Welcome

  • An Overview of Essential Oils
  • A Brief History of Seed to Seal and the Extraction Process
  • Chemistry Behind the Essential Oils
  • Standards and Testing
  • Aromas and Their Influence
  • Guidelines for Safe Usage of Essential Oils
  • Topical Applications
  • Diffusing Essential Oils
  • Other Uses for Essential Oils

Chapter 2: Singles & Blends

  • Application Codes
  • Protocols For All Singles & Blends
  • Extraction Method
  • Constituents
  • Source of Plant Material

Chapter 3: Techniques for Essential Oils Application

  • Neuroauricular Technique
  • Lymphatic Pump
  • Vita Flex Technique
  • Raindrop Technique

Chapter 4: Personal Usage

  • Ailments and Protocols

Appendix A, B, C, D, E

  • Product Usage for Body Systems
  • Single Essential Oil Data
  • Essential Oil Blends Data


  • Comprehensive & Alphabetical

 Product Details:

  • Pages: 772 (Full Color)
  • Chapters: 7 (not including directories or appendices)
  • Published:  2021
  • Binding: spiral bound
  • Size: 7” x 6.5” x 1.875” (with spiral binding)


Rare & Scarce

LIFE SCIENCE Essential Oil POCKET REFERENCE 3rd Edition Spiral Book. Condition is Brand New.

Special 3rd Edition Essential Oils Pocket Reference:

This is a Limited, special, and scarce copy, glossy pages.

The Third Edition Essential Oils Pocket Reference is a condensed version of the Third Edition Desk Reference that contains valuable protocols that you won't find in any other essential oil reference guide. note: not all sections of the desk reference are in this book, hence the name "Limited Condensed"

During these trying times this education has effective, archived protocols that can help support health and wellness for everyone. Never before released in a pocket format. Published for your benefit.

Condensed version of the third edition Desk Reference, in a Pocket Reference size!

This education has effective, archived protocols that can help support health and wellness for everyone. (INCLUDING "C" protocols that have been removed from subsequent versions.)

It contains a condensed version of the Third Edition Desk Reference material. Published for your benefit.

Chapter 1: Essential Oils: The Missing Link in Modern Medicine
What is an Essential Oil?
Mankind's First Medicine
The Rediscovery

Chapter 2: How Do Essential Oils Work?
Therapuetic-Grade Essential Oils
Fact or Fiction: Myths and Misinformation
Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies

Chapter 3: How to Safely Use Essential Oils
Guidelines for Safe Use
Topical Application

Chapter 4: Vita Flex Technique
Chapter 5: Raindrop Technique
Chapter 6: Lymphatic Pump
Chapter 7: Auricular Technique
Chapter 8: Emotional Response with Essential Oils
Chapter 9: The Personal Usage Reference
Appendix A: Essential Oil Application Codes
Appendix B: Body System Chart
Appendix C: Single Oil Data
Appendix D: Oil Blends Data

Product Details:

  • Pages: 262 (Color)
  • Chapters: 9 (not including Appendix and Index)
  • Published: First Printing 2004 (Printed in Pocket Format in 2020)
  • Binding: Spiral Bound
  • Size: 6.6" x 6.1" x 1.5" (with spiral binding)

EO AT A GLANCE // Quick Reference Guide

Dramatically updated in appearance and content, this new guide is the “go to” when it comes to sharing protocols for Young Living products. This guide is the perfect “get started” book for anyone using essential oils and living the toxin-free lifestyle with Young Living. 

Sections include:

  • General Use
  • Single Oils
  • Blended Oils
  • Vitality Oils
  • Kids 
  • Healthy and Fit 
  • Ailments

Dimensions and specifications:

  • Size: 5" x 7"
  • Format: Full Color
  • Page count: 96

These reference books are no longer being printed.