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Empowered Leaders Bundle

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Combining easy systems with genuine relationship building is what creates a successful Brand Partner with Young Living. The Empowered Leaders bundle is an easy-to-use strategy to help all leaders of all ranks effectively support loyal customers and Brand Partners. This bundle, created by two Platinum Brand Partners consistently growing teams since 2014, includes these helpful resources:

  • VIDEO TRAINING // Four strategy videos outlining practical ways to make effective touchpoints with prospects, all customers, and Brand Partners. We also provide strategies on how to best use the whole bundle. 

  • CALENDAR // A one-page, interactive calendar with systematic tasks that will help you and your leaders serve your teams and your prospects all month long with links to these resources:

 + SCRIPTS // Sample text scripts with simple, but perfect, wording for reaching out to your team through the calendar tasks along with tips on how to run reports in the Virtual Office. 

+ GOAL SETTING WORKSHEET // Jot down your monthly goals to keep you accountable.  
+ Bonus: TEXT CAMPAIGN // Content for a text campaign with graphics that correspond to the calendar you can send to your leaders as a point of accountability and mentorship.


  • MONTHLY PLANNING SHEET // Plan your month at a glance with a printable worksheet designed to coordinate with your interactive calendar.


Also check out our Empower Group bundle--strategy and content for running a 30-day education workshop for both prospects and current customers, as well as helping new Brand Partners launch their business. 

Check out the A+J Ideas youtube channel for content to accompany these bundles: