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Aroma Inhalers

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Have you ever used a Nasal Inhaler with your essential oils? These simple tools make a world of difference by letting you keep a customized oil blend in your pocket, ready to be sniffed when you need it!

Each collection comes with FIVE nasal inhalers and a card with tips for making yours - and a few helpful recipes & suggestions!

The Nasal Inhaler consists of four pieces.

  • Cotton Wick
  • Two rounded tubes (which will nest inside one another when fully assembled).
  • Round closure for the bottom of the smaller tube, to hold the cotton wick inside.

Place 5-10 drops of essential oil on the cotton wick. Assemble the inhaler with the wick inside the smaller tube; put the cap on the bottom to seal it inside. Screw the cover on the inhaler for storage. To use the inhaler, take the outer cover off, hold the inhaler up to your nose, and breathe in deeply!

Consider labeling your inhalers with washi tape!