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Between the Sheets - These aren't just for Valentine's Day! Send these as a thank you to people who attend your "Lucy Libido" or "Oils after Dark" classes. 

Diffusing for Kids - Ahhhh you asked for it, you got it! Diffuser recipes that aren't really seasonal but are perfect for the kids in your life! With fun recipes like "Homework Helper," "Tantrum Tamer," and "Bedtime Bliss" - you'll be grateful to have these on hand and your friends will be so glad you dropped one in the mail to them!

Diffusing Grand Fir - every recipe includes the power of Grand Fir, my fav for stress reducing and yummy smells!

Back to School Kick of the start of school in great ways with recipes like "Rise and Shine," "Stay Healthy," "Focus," "Less Stress," and "Sweet Dreams."

Harvest Delight - This postcard is full of all the aromas that remind you of fall. Get inspired for the season with recipes like "Pumpkin Pie," "Orange Spice," "Cozy Evening," and "Smells Healthy."

Give ThanksFall is a time we are all a little extra thankful. Even for things like, "Sweater Weather," "Fall Leaves," and a "Cozy Evening" at home. These recipes match the ones on the Harvest Delight card. 

Happy Holidays - Help spread some holiday cheer by sharing these recipes. "Holiday Bliss," "Cozy Fireside," and "Fresh Snow" are some seasonal favorites. The recipes here match the ones on the Merry Christmas cards. 

Merry Christmas - There is so much joy to be shared during the Christmas season. Share some joy with recipes such as "Twas the Night Before," "Fresh-Cut Tree," and "Long Winter's Nap." The recipes on this card are also reflected on the Happy Holidays cards. 

Winter Wonderland - recipes perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere while it's chilly outside! Perfect to send out anytime this winter! These recipes are different from the Holiday and Christmas recipes. "Snow Angels," "Afternoon Tea," and "Joyful" are some of the recipes you will find on this card.

New Year's Resolution - Set the tone for the year by diffusing recipes such as "Motivate," "Fresh Start," and "Cheers!"

Postcard size :: 4"x6"

Postage :: one inexpensive postcard stamp is sufficient to mail a card!
Sold in packs of 25 identical cards.