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Milestone Mentorship

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The Milestone Mentorship is a turn-key 12 week mentorship opportunity that you provide for your teams. Simply download this PDF and use our step-by-step guide to launching a three month coaching program for your teams. This resource is perfect for the leader who is looking for tools to equip and coach their Brand Partners! Everything is given SO YOU are ready and prepared to lead others.

Using our Brand Partner Guide as a complimentary source material, participants will:

  • utilize a productive workflow for their daily operations
  • feel equipped with questions to self-coach themselves
  • be able to articulate what it means to have a brand partnership
  • understand and operate in the the customer path
  • have a developed a system for customer engagement
  • know how to share a product story
  • be able to identify their niche and strategies to reach their audiences
  • be able to confidently discuss the Brand Partnership opportunity
  • understand the basics of the composition plan
  • have a created a series of automations making their daily workflows and monthly workflow more sustainable

Using this comprehensive guide, you will have access to:

  • Launch material to promote and market your mentorship
  • Detailed list on prep-work
  • Instructional videos on how to host your own mentorship
  • Coaching prompts and helps
  • Printable resources to use throughout the mentorship
  • Weekly coaching topics
  • Weekly at-home work for all participants 
  • Suggested reading for all participants

Participants will need to purchase a Brand Partner Guide to use throughout their 12 week mentorship.

THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE & PRINTABLE RESOURCE. While this is meant to be used to educate & coach your team, it is not meant for team-wide distribution.