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10 Conversation Tips

Heyyy whether you found me because of the amazing Diamond Bound Event or simply because you're a rockstar leader who clicks all. the. links... I'm so glad you're here! I promised from stage that I'd share 10 Conversational Tips... and I've been narrowing down the list all week! (and, relaxing... wowza that was an insanely awesome weekend!!)

Okay. Eek!! Let’s get to it. 👊🏼👊🏼

01. Don’t be afraid to ask.
Remember we don’t know what our customers have ordered, so ASK! “Hey what did you grab in your last order? I’d love to send you some info to support your health goals!”

02. Be chill, yo.
We are building relationships here FIRST. Dropping a postcard or happy mail to a member is a great way to say “I see you!” Resist the desire to mention oils in what you write (Hint :: use our Diffuser Postcards and be 100% personal on the back! No need to mention oils on the back since the front is doing it for you!)

03. Ask good questions.

  • what’s your favorite oil right now?
  • is there something from your starter kit you haven’t tried yet?
  • is there a health need you had when you got started with Young Living that you don’t have under control yet?
  • what the first oil you ran through from your starter kit? Why?!

(Hint :: if you find they’re not using their PSK oils or need help with them, mail out one of our First Steps PSK brochures or a Starter Kit Experience postcard!)

04. Avoid YL lingo.
Don’t say PSK or QO or ER or PV or OGV. Talk like a normal person. Put yourself in the shoes of a brand new member who knows nothing... be as normal as possible, and avoiding our acronyms is a huge way to do this. It's super off-putting when you make assumptions OR you put your friend in the position of needing to say "um, hey, what on earth does that mean?" Do everything possible NOT to make them feel awkward like that!

05. Keep it conversational.
Practice saying it out loud… if it doesn’t sound like you, fix it. Do everything possible to sound like a normal human, not a robot. Use emojis! Be energetic! Be happy! But ultimately... be YOU. Don't copy someone else's verbiage (ew, that's gross)... make it YOURS.

06. Speak to ONE.
Remember, your recipient is just one person. This is particularly important when using technology to connect with multiple people with the click of a button. Language like “Hey guys!” or “When you all do…” reminds them you’re speaking to the masses, but if it’s coming to their inbox or cell phone as a text, you want them to think it’s something you wrote up for one person.

07. Stalk a bit, if necessary.
I mean, don’t be creepy... But a quick scan of their social media will give you talking points AND might alert you to a particularly rough season where your casual & cute message would not be well-received. But if they’re going through a rough patch, that’s all the more reason to connect… personally. With intention. With integrity. Because you CARE. I know you really do, but sometimes we come across as salesy when we forget that a lot can happen since the eight days ago we chatted with that friend.

08. Stop LOOKING for an opportunity and just let it happen.
Don’t start a conversation with someone looking for the chance to insert your awkward sale info or diffuser recipe. Just have a conversation and let it flow naturally. When they say “ugh, mosquitos”… pause before you say “hey girl, that would have been a great chance to pull out your lavender.” Like really extract yourself from the conversation and say “is this gonna be totally random or does it make sense to mention it here?” Again, lemme remind you… just. be. normal.

09. Keep your Social Media approachable.
“Okay Erin, what does this have to do with conversation starters?” Simple. When your social media is a laid back overlook at your life and how oils play into it (void of sales graphics and things), your friends will be able to enjoy a conversation with you. Then when you say “Hey I saw you post the other day on Facebook…” they might think “hmmm wonder what SHE’s posting about?…” and may check your feed. And right there you’ll have some relevant oily life stuff, making it more natural for them to ask questions.

10. Have conversations.
I know that seems obvious… but the first mistake we often make is overthinking how we’re going to get started with people. Honestly friend… just jump in. “Hey I saw that super cute pic of your dog on your profile!” or “How did that tiny baby grow into such a big kid so fast??!” or something similar. Remember the idea is that we’re friends first. Be a friend. People need more friends. Say something encouraging or hope-filled or anything just to breathe life into a friend who likely won’t be encouraged by anyone else today. You have the chance to be kind and loving. Take the moment!

Okay… those are just TEN conversational tips…

There are SO MANY MORE I’d love to share over the next few weeks! Text the word DIAMOND to my OilSupplyStore phone number below to get more tips, occasional ponderings from me... and exclusive discounts to the OilSupplyStore!!