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Weekly Systems

One of the most important things you can do for your business is preparing your week so that you'll stay focused on your goals & priorities. Distraction is REAL, am I right?!? I created this weekly printable to help you sit down and plan your week. Click here to download & print it --WEEKLY WORKFLOW PRINTABLE -- and be sure to tag @oilsupplystore on your social media to show us how you're using it!  If you haven't already, text SYSTEMS to (865) 213-1150, and I'll let you know when we have more good stuff like this!   xoxo Erin    

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Empower Groups

NEW TO OIL SUPPLY STORE! Do you feel like all your tried and true approaches to sharing Young Living feel stale? Are you tired of playing the social media game and getting nowhere? In the summer of 2020, Platinum leaders Julie Callis and April Ficklin felt like it was time for a pivot, for a new way to reach out to both curious friends and unengaged members & builders, so they worked together to pull in their six + years of research on toxin-free living and developed Empower Groups! This social media tool offers fresh strategy AND content to help...

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Structure for Success :: Silver Bound

👉 How was I structured for Royal Crown Diamond within my first four months of building? 👉 Do you understand the compensation plan and how it can help you build a foundation? 👉 What is the SILVER BOUND Bonus and WHY is it the most crucial part of the comp plan? 👉 How do you strategically build from the START to set up for success? All the SilverBound BONUS EXCITEMENT in one place, clearly explained... and I'm giving you tips and tools for how YOU can maximize your bonuses with Young Living! For future tips & tricks from me, check this...

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10 Conversation Tips

Heyyy whether you found me because of the amazing Diamond Bound Event or simply because you're a rockstar leader who clicks all. the. links... I'm so glad you're here! I promised from stage that I'd share 10 Conversational Tips... and I've been narrowing down the list all week! (and, relaxing... wowza that was an insanely awesome weekend!!) Okay. Eek!! Let’s get to it. 👊🏼👊🏼 01. Don’t be afraid to ask. Remember we don’t know what our customers have ordered, so ASK! “Hey what did you grab in your last order? I’d love to send you some info to support your...

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Simplify your classes!

Five years ago when I created our Premium Starter Kit brochure, the idea was to give our team something that would help them learn about the Kit and teach classes. This brochure is laid out perfectly to guide your class... with short sections on Essential Oils Why Young Living? Three Ways to Use Oils Carrier Oils Label Differences (vitality/regular labels) Individual PSK item breakdown of all kit oils & kit extras How to Get Started It's the perfect reference to use to teach a class AND to give to your prospects! Use the 3" square space on the back for an...

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