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Structure for Success :: Silver Bound

👉 How was I structured for Royal Crown Diamond within my first four months of building?
👉 Do you understand the compensation plan and how it can help you build a foundation?
👉 What is the SILVER BOUND Bonus and WHY is it the most crucial part of the comp plan?
👉 How do you strategically build from the START to set up for success?

All the SilverBound BONUS EXCITEMENT in one place, clearly explained... and I'm giving you tips and tools for how YOU can maximize your bonuses with Young Living!

For future tips & tricks from me, check this post for 10 Conversation Tips and be sure to text DIAMOND to me at 865-213-1150 for an occasional text from me with team-building suggestions!

Looking for the powerpoint slides? I've got you covered! Text STRUCTURE to me at 865-213-1150 and I'll toss the slides back atcha! 

xoxo --
Erin Rodgers, RCD

**Please note the subtitle correction at 14:45 and around 25m. 

The timeframe for the STAR bonus begins with the month the member enrolls with Young Living. I misspoke and said the starting point was the month they enroll a member - that is incorrect. Your enrollment month is month #0 - you then have two months from that time to hit Star with these qualifications. So if you enroll in MAY, you have JUNE + JULY to hit Star by the end of July.

ALSO... You have SIX months to run for the Bridge to Gold bonus! I mistakenly said 4 months... but oh no friend, you have SIX to achieve this!! Woohoo!! xoxo